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In keeping with the name of the locality, the branch of Tangles salon in Malibu town exudes a vibe comparable to the famous beach in terms of relaxation and positivity. The growing customer base of the salon enjoys the innumerable services provided by them both at home and in the salon. The ambience of the salon gives off a melody of sophisticated and posh. Anyone in Malibu town will lovingly urge new comers to get themselves detangled at the Tangles salon. The salon provides services such as bridal/engagement makeup, face bleach, body bleach, legs bleach, colour touch-ups, hair colour, hair styling, manicure, pedicure, threading, keratin and cysteine treatment, body scrubs (lotus/apricot/chocolate). The salon has an outreach of around 500 customers on social media alone and is responsible for beautifying and bettering thousands of lives in and around Malibu town. The three branches of the salon in the same city are a testament to its popularity and good work. All the beauticians working at the salon and giving at home services were trained by the best beauty professionals in the field. Tangles strictly uses the best brands in the fashion industry such as L’Oreal and Wella, to provide any of its services.

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085888 72184


10:00AM - 7:30PM

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Tangles Salon Price List

Hair Style-Updo
Hair Style-Basic
Blow Dry-Regular
Head Wash & Straight Dry Using Wella
Conditioner Using Wella
Shampoo Using Wella
Hair Trim / Split Ends Remvoal
Hair Cut With Wash
Hair Updo
Head Wash & Straight Dry Using Wella
Conditioner Using Wella
Shampoo Using Wella
Hair Trim / Split Ends Remvoal
Hair Cut With Wash
Ear To Ear Color Using Wella
Beard Color Using Inoa
Side Color Using Wella
Touchup Using Inoa
Touchup Using L’Oréal
Highlight Per Foil
Crown Highlights (6 Foils)
Hair Spa-Regular
Hair Spa-Sp
Hair Spa-Regular Using L’Oréal
Hair Spa-Power Dose
Body Bleach Fruit Using Oxy
Back Bleach Fruit Using Oxy
Front Bleach Fruit Using Oxy
Legs Bleach Fruit Using Oxy
Arms Bleach Fruit Using Oxy
Face Bleach Gold / Fruit
Face Bleach Oxyderm Using Oxy
Scrub & Clean up-Arms / Back / Legs
Apricot / Lotus Body Scrub
Face Scrub
Fruit Facial
Protein Milk Pack
Peel-Off Face Pack Using Casmara
Acne Treatment Using Cheryl’s
Dark Circle Treatment & Facial Using Cheryl’s
Sensitive Skin Facial Using Cheryl’s
Glow Facial Using Cheryl’s
Vita Lift Facial Using Cheryl’s
Anti-Tan Facial Using Cheryl’s
Cleanup Using Lotus
Rejuvenating Facial Using Lotus
Whitening Facial Using Lotus
Goldsheen Facial Using Lotus
4 Layer Facial Using Lotus
Preservita Facial Using Lotus
De Tan Pack Using O3+
Cleanup Using O3+
Rejuvenating Facial Using O3+
Glow Facial Using O3+
Anti Tan Facial Using O3+
Facial-Diamond Using O3+
Threading-Full Face
Threading-Full Face
Threading-Full Chin / Ears
Threading-Upper Lips
Threading-Eyebrows / Forehead
Face Wax Full Face Reg / Italian
Face Wax Forehead / Italian
Face Wax Chin / Italian
Face Wax Sides / Italian
Face Wax Upper Lips / Italian
Wax Half Back Reg / Italian
Wax Full Back Reg / Italian
Wax Half Front Reg / Italian
Wax Full Front Reg / Italian
Waxing-Full Face / U Arms / Bikini Brazilian
Wax Under Arms Reg / Italian
Wax Half Legs Reg / Italian
Wax Full Legs Reg/Italian
Wax Half Arms Reg / Italian
Wax Full Arms Reg / Italian
Wax Full Leg / Italian
Foot Massage
Head Massage With Aroma Oil
Head Massage With Olive Oil
Full Body With Aroma Oil
Full Body With Olive Oil
Full Body With Coconut Oil
Body Polishing-Full Body
Body Polishing Using Lotus
Body Polishing-Crystal
Glow Chocolate Body Pack Using Lotus
Party Makeup
Engagement Traditional
Engagement Airbrush / Hd
Bridal Traditional
Bridal Airbrush / Hd
Bridal/Engagement Makeup By Nupur
Saree Tie
Manicure Reg / Pedicure Regular
Pedicure Paraffin Wax
Pedicure Bomb Ice Cream / Crystal
Manicure Paraffin Wax
Manicure Bomb Ice Cream / Crystal
Nail Cut / File / Paint
French Nail Paint

Tangles Salon, Malibu Town Address

Phone: 085888 72184

Asddress: AVA Court, 3rd Floor, Sohna Rd, near Park Hospital, Malibu Town, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

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  • ✅ What is the average rating given by customers to this salon?
    Tangles Salon is a well known salon in the city and is rated 4.5 by 369 customers
  • ✅ What is the average visit cost of this salon?
    Tangles Salon is a Budget-friendly salon in Malibu Town which has an average visiting cost of "dynamic price".
  • ✅ Which Brand of products is used at this salon?
    At Tangles salon top quality products are used from premier brands such as Wella and L'Oreal to maintain high quality and hygiene standards
  • ✅ What are the working hours of this salon?
    Tangles salon in Malibu Town area operates from Sunday to Saturday 10am-9pm
  • ✅ Are Keratin and Cysteine Treatments available at this salon?
    Yes- Keratin and Cysteine treatment is provided at Tangles salon starting from ₹3000. Clic here to view the service list.
  • ✅ Does this salon offer Hair Color service?
    Yes- Tangles salon offers hair colour services such as Global and Highlights starting from ₹6000
  • ✅ Can I get Manicure and Pedicure at this salon?
    Yes- you can get Manicure and Pedicure with a variety of options Tangles salon at affordable prices.
  • ✅ Does this salon provide Body Spa services?
    No-Tangles salon at Malibu town does not provide body spa services

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